Who We Are

Breaking Employment Barriers CIC is a not for profit organisation that seeks to help disadvantaged learners across London gain vital skills that are needed to start a fruitful career.

In our quest to enhance our learner’s potential, we have already partnered with various training providers and colleges with a shared goal of educating London’s deprived and reaching the wider community in a revolutionary way. We are also partnered with local boroughs, and Jobcentre Plus.

This includes providing short courses, apprenticeships, life skills, and financial education. Our partners ensure that we provide a wide range of courses suited for our learners’ aspirations in life.

Our Mission

Too often people across all age groups feel left out because they feel they failed their education, unable to find a sustainable job, are on a low income or even because of language barriers. Our mission is to lift people from unemployment or unsustainable employment and enable them to eventually live an independent life.

What is unique about our way of running is that certain courses offered by colleges and training providers that will require learners to pay a hefty fee, sometimes thousands of pounds, can be funded by us.