Access to HE Diploma in Engineering Science and Maths

Is the Course for me?

Are you aged 19 or over? If you want to go to university and study Engineering but you don't have the qualifications that are required - then this course will enable you to develop the right skills for progression.

What is involved?

On this course you will learn and develop an understanding of the two branches of engineering mechanics, statics and dynamics. In statics you will study the equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies. In dynamics you will learn the concepts of kinematics (vectors and motion) and kinetics (Newtonian mechanics, work, energy and power).
You will learn the advanced level mathematical skills needed to progress on to a degree programme and complete a research project in an area related to Engineering.

The course will be assessed via exams and assignments – you will be continually assessed throughout the year.

,p>In your free time, you can use our extensive library, computer and multi-media facilities and join in a wide range of social activities.


You will be able to progress to an HND, Foundation Degree or Honours Degree course at university in Engineering or a related field.
On completion of your course you will receive a profile of credits that will reflect your suitability for your chosen HND or degree programme.

Course Requirements

  • You must be at least 19 years old in order to enrol for this course. You do not need formal qualifications but will be required to demonstrate a good understanding of mathematics at level 2, as the course contains advanced level mathematics.
  • You will also be required to demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm to study at level 3, in addition to demonstrating ability at level 2 in communications.