Upcycling Fashion and Sustainability Level 2

Is the Course for me?

This course will appeal to those who have an interest in developing fashion by recycling unwanted clothing.
As we are all becoming more and more aware of the need for fashion to be more sustainable and to utilise already existing resources, up-cycled fashion has become an ever popular approach to developing new and innovative fashion.
This course will introduce you to processes and methods in recycling existing garments to produce new, exciting ones.

What is involved?

You will be learning methods and processes to recycle garments. This will include the use of industrial and domestic machinery as well as fabric decorations and embellishments.
You will work individually on your own project with the use of your own and others unwanted clothing.


Other fashion non-qualification courses such as Textile techniques and Garment technology might appeal to people who are up-skilling in fashion or adding to existing skills.
Equally you may wish to join a qualification course such as Fashion and Textiles L1 or L2 depending on experience.

Course Requirements

  • It would be useful to have some design ability as well as knowledge of how to use sewing machinery.